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With so many great folks out there talking about video games, what makes Fall Damage different? Well, I take into account more than just the graphics and gameplay (although those definitely matter), but also any moral or philosophical elements at play. Games, like any form of entertainment or media, can shape our lives drastically. Sometimes those trickier aspects can be hard to see right away or, more commonly, easy to ignore in favor of “but it’s such a great game”.

I love video games and I’ve been playing them since I was six. I even met my husband in Destiny! But just as we examine literature or films for their deeper meanings and subtle messages, let’s do the same for video games.

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Talking about video games, but with a Catholic twist.


Adele plays video games, devours books, and co-parents four cats with her husband, a chef. She also writes as a freelance video game reviewer for OSV News.